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Driving for a Cause

July 16th, 2018

A couple of months ago, I signed up to drive for Uber (backstory here).

For me, it’s not so much about the money (though a little extra pocket change doesn’t hurt).  I’ve always enjoyed driving, and this seemed to be a way to put driving to a purpose.  I can’t do it a lot because it takes away from other, more important things.  It’s more of an experiment.  What is it like?  What can I do?  Where would I go? Who would I meet?

At first, I thought I could use Uber to just get me where I was already going.  I’d go on a client visit, and when I was done, I’d see if I could Uber home.  Uber has this neat feature for drivers that lets them pick a final destination and end time – and Uber will try to pick rides that go that way.  But being in South Jersey (not so rider dense), that kind of ride doesn’t come easy and that doesn’t always work out so well.

Then I thought I’d see if it might be a viable revenue stream for someone who had no other job.  So I went out for 8 hours one Friday to see what I could earn.  Turns out it wasn’t so bad.  I estimate that if the ride density kept steady, someone driving 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, could net $20K per year (after gas and a vehicle allowance).  I couldn’t ditch my day job, but it’s not bad for someone who needs it.

Next, just when I was Googling what it might take to drive Uber cross-country, my younger brother does his rebel thing and announces he’s raising money for families of people with Leukemia, by swimming from Catalina to Palos Verdes California (a night time, ocean, open water, 22 mile swim).  Did I mention he’s a rebel?  Why the swim?  He loves ocean swims.  And Leukemia took our father and his father-in-law.  So he’s a motivated rebel. I’ll let him explain it to you –  The bottom line is he’s combining his love of swimming with raising money for something he believes in. 

Wow.  He never fails to amaze and inspire me.  Part of me is filled with awe and wants to go out there and swim with him to support him!  YEA, THAT’S IT. I’ll Uber across the country and join him for his swim!  LET’S GO!  Then reality kicks in, smacks some sense into me and says “WTF, are you nuts?!?!!” Boom … OK … that’s better.  

But … I could put it all together.  I could do something I enjoy and still support him.  OK, now my feet are back on the ground and I’ve got something I can actually do without fear of death.  The idea is … drive for a day.  Whatever I earn during that day I donate to a cause important/close to me.  Perhaps in doing so, I can bring awareness to the cause so that others (you) might help too.  Thus was born “Driving for a Cause”. 

To date, I’ve driven for two causes:

Wildest Fantasy

Aftershock Entertainment’s upcoming production of “Wildest Fantasy” will be presented at the New Jersey Fringe Festival this coming August 3, 4, & 5 in Hammonton NJ.  It’s a story about the collision of two fantasy worlds, Medieval and Porn (yea … I know), and it’s going to be fantastic.

What’s the connection?

Aftershock’s founder is Joshua Kurtz, my son.  Need I say more?

What Can You Do?

Come out and support the arts by visiting the New Jersey Fringe Festival, and see Wildest Fantasy.

Swim Cantilena for Leukemia

If my brother can dedicate his time to train for and go on a 22 mile swim (and I can’t join him), I can certainly dedicate a day to support him. Read about this incredible feat here

What’s the connection?

Stan is my youngest brother, who continually amazes me with his drive, love, and kindness.

What Can You Do?

Visit to read more about Stan’s swim.  Then consider supporting Stan and his cause to help families dealing with Leukemia.


What’s next?  I’m not sure yet.  But I do like where this is going.

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