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Move Facebook Events to the top of the page

April 28th, 2009

I love Facebook, for many reasons.  One is that it helps me keep track of friend’s birthdays and other events.  But after the last Facebook update, the Events & Birthdays box has been moved to the bottom of the right-hand column, and as a result I’ve been missing some events I would like to have participated in or contributed to.

Well, thanks to Wezz, there’s a solution.  You can move the Events box to the top of the column in three easy steps:

1) You need to be using Firefox.  If you don’t have it, you can get it at

2) Next, you’ll need the Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox.  Using Firefox, click here to install the Greasemonkey plugin.

3) Install Wezz’s awseome Event Fix script.  Again using Firefox, click here to install Wezz’s Facebook Event Fix script.

REVISED June 4, 2009

Facebook seems to have made an invisible change to their page layout. While most people did not notice, folks using the above script were disappointed to learn that their Events box was back at the bottom.  Hence, this fix …

4) Once installed, there will be a small Monkey icon at the bottom right of your Firefox window.  Right-click it and select “Manage User Scripts”.  The “Manage User Scripts” window opens.

5) In the “Manage User Scripts” window, highlight “Facebook Event Fix” (top left) and click the “Edit” button (bottom left). Though it’s a little tough to read, the script code opens.

5a) If you’ve never edited a Javascript file before, you may be prompted to find an editor for that file type.  “Notepad” is a good choice. Turn on Word Wrap too.

6) Look for a piece that reads


Change this to read

'UIHomeBox UITitledBox'

Capitalization and spacing matter.

7) Save the file.  This should do the trick … till Facebook changes something again.

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